Inverted Flam Tap

Learn To Play The Inverted Flam Tap Drum Rudiment!

The inverted flam tap is actually of Swiss descent, since its sticking pattern is exactly the same as one of the two official versions of a rudiment called Swiss tap flam. The inverted flam tap was not featured on the standard 26 American drum rudiments. In 1984, the inverted flam tap, along with other 13 drum rudiments, was added to the 26 drum rudiments by the Percussive Arts Society. This new set of drum rudiments would later be known as the 40 international drum rudiments.

Taking a look at the sheet music below, you can see that the sticking pattern for the inverted flam tap is an offset alternating double stroke roll that starts on the "and" of every count, and where the second note of the double is flammed. The offset double stroke roll with a flammed second stroke is what gives this drum rudiment the moniker "inverted". Learn how to play the flam and the double stroke roll before you start practicing the inverted flam tap.

Inverted Flam Tap

Exercise #1 is an 8th note drum beat. The inverted flam tap is scattered between the hi-hat and the snare drum. Scattering the doubles between different surfaces is the most challenging of things once you get to higher tempos. Practice slowly at first, strive for clean sounding strokes and make sure you're not struggling with the transitions. Practicing this way will give you the needed control to play this drum beat at higher speeds.

Inverted Flam Tap #1

Exercise #2 is an 8th note half-time drum beat. The challenge here is in getting the hand that plays the snare drum grace note on count 3, to get to the hi-hat in time to play the "and" of that same count.

Inverted Flam Tap #2

Exercise #3 is an 8th note drum fill. For mastering this drum fill it's required of you to learn how to play the first two counts, since the pattern repeats itself after it. The inverted flam tap has the flams on the snare drum, and the taps on the hi-tom and the floor tom. Lead this pattern with your stronger hand; it will make it an easier pattern to master.

Inverted Flam Tap #3

Exercise #4 incorporates the inverted flam tap into an 8th note drum fill. The flams are performed on the hi-tom, the taps are moved to the snare drum on counts 1 and 3, and to the floor tom on counts 2 and 4. Leading this pattern with your stronger hand will make it easier to play.

Inverted Flam Tap #4

Drum rudiments can be used to create great sounding drum fills and drum beats. What you can come up with will depend on your creativity and control. Drum solos can gain a lot from your use of drum rudiments as well. It's a great idea to add any of the drum rudiments to your drum solos. To get you started on this, take the drum fills and drum beats featured in these free drum lessons and try playing solos based on them.

Once you're able to play the inverted flam tap and the exercises herein accurately, you can move on to further expand your knowledge on the drum rudiments. We encourage you to check the free drum lessons on the pataflafla and the flam drag next.