Flam Accent

Learn To Play The Flam Accent Drum Rudiment!

The flam accent is basically an 8th note triplet single stroke roll where the first stroke is flammed. Make sure you learn how to play the flam and the single stroke roll drum rudiments before even thinking of going any further with this lesson. Once you feel prepared to take on the flam accent, make sure you focus on flam quality and stroke consistency while practicing it.

Flam Accent

Exercise #1 is an 8th note triplet drum beat that incorporates four flam accents. The flam accents on counts 1 and 3 are played on the hi-hat while the ones on counts 2 and 4 are scattered between the snare drum and the hi-hat. Once you have the hands happening, add the bass drum on counts 1 and 3. The bass drum pattern is kept fairly simple but you can experiment with different ones once you've mastered this exercise.

Flam Accent #1

Exercise #2 is another 8th note triplet drum beat. Taking a look at the sheet music below, you can see that this pattern is much like the previous one. The only difference is the cymbal pattern, which is spread between the hi-hat and the ride cymbal.

Flam Accent #2

Exercise #3 is a 12/8 time signature drum fill. Start by playing a single stroke roll around the drums. This is a simpler pattern to play, so it will help you getting used to having the leading hand change for every count with greater ease. To get used to this you have to start practicing this drum fill at a slower tempo. Once you feel comfortable, add the flams where notated.

Flam Accent #3

Exercise #4 is a 12/8 time signature drum fill. The flam accents are performed with the strongest hand on the floor tom and the weakest hand on the snare drum. Thus, the flams will be broken between those two drums. Going from the last hi-hat note on the stock 12/8 drum beat to the grace note on the floor tom can be a bit of a stretch. Make sure you practice this beat-fill transition real slowly at first, making sure the grace note from the flam on count 1 is played exactly like it should.

Flam Accent #4

Once you're able to play the flam accent and the exercises herein accurately, you can keep challenging yourself by learning how to play new drum rudiments. We encourage you to check the free drum lessons on the Swiss army triplet and the flamacue next.