Learn To Play The Drum Rudiments

Lionel DuperronPracticing the drum rudiments is the most important thing a drummer can do to improve his overall drumming skill. At 26DrumRudiments.com, we are devoted to instructing drummers on the best possible ways to practice the rudiments. Learning to play your drum rudiments can increase your learning curve drastically. So let’s begin!

The best advice I can give any drummer is to practice with a practice pad. Most drummers do not like to practice with a practice pad; however it is a drummer’s best friend. It is important to spend time every day (if possible) on a practice pad, as well as on a drum set. Drum rudiments are actually best practiced on a practice pad. The tools you will need for effective drum rudiment practice is a practice pad, 2 drum sticks, and a metronome.

Practice your single stroke roll, practice your double stroke roll, and every other drum rudiment with a metronome. The metronome will help you develop your internal clock, allowing you to play on time more often then not. A metronome will also force you to practice harder. Without a metronome, your body slows down, and you fall behind unknowingly. A metronome will remind you to stay on time. The last benefit about using a metronome is being able to mark your progress. This will give you goals to accomplish. For example, say you can play a single stroke roll at 180 bpm for a minute straight; you could set a goal to up that by 10 bpm in a week. This is a great way practice.

Once you have practiced all you can on your practice pad and you are itching to play on your kit, bring your rudiment practices to the drum set. Choose a drum rudiment you want to practice up on, and try playing it within your beats. A great example of this is playing the paradiddle rudiment in fills and grooves. By taking these rudiments around your drum set, you are truly getting a feel for wrist and stick control.

Use these few tips when you are practicing your rudiments and you will increase your skill drastically. I guarantee you will notice a difference in your drumming skill if you take a few minutes a day to work on your stick control and rudiment studies!